Bellini Foto – The Company

Our history

Bellini Foto was founded in 1988 by Guglielmo Bellini and is still going strong after more than 30 years. We manufacture a full range of high quality photographic chemicals for both motion pictures and photography.

The staff team benefits from Mr Bellini’s knowledge as a chemist and his 50+ years of experience in the sector: together they develop the company to meet the current and future demands of the sector. We strive to support businesses and individuals involved in analogue photography in all its various forms, be it cinematography, film restoration or historical photographic techniques.

Bellini Foto’s main aim is to preserve and pass on our knowledge and skills in all things related to analogue photography. In so doing, we hope to contribute to the safeguarding of this cultural and technical heritage that seamlessly unites art and science.

The magic of the analogue process lies in its durability: the capacity to produce something physical that survives the test of time and can be archived. Mr Bellini and the staff team believe this heritage must not be lost.

Our future plans include continuing to focus on professional labs and improvement and expansion of our amateur kit production.